Ilona-Estelle Westman Sonko

Ilona-Estelle Westman Sonko, born 1986, is an artist situated in Stockholm. Her work focuses on the shared intimacies of life and features realistic portraits of people and moments throughout her life. Her educational background includes studies at Idun Lovén Art School and Stockholm Art School, but the great majority of her ability is derived from self-study.


Family Matters, Galley HADA (Stockholm), 2018

Family matters is Ilona-Estelle Westman Sonko’s first solo exhibition. In it she sets out to explore the notion of family – where the boundaries of family begin, who we consider to be family, the shared moment and matters, and the serendipitous aspects of life that provide elasticity to the intimate bond of family.

 The works featured in the exhibition highlight moments lived between 2013–2018 and touches upon themes such as parenthood, faith, love and trust. The captured moments also pay tribute to some of the most meaningful individuals in the artists life – ones who provide strength, assurance and love.

Allowing myself to need others and not seeing weakness in that has been my greatest relief.